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November 16, 2018 15 min read

2018 was an interesting year for tattoo designs to say the least. Inked Ritual has many friends in the tattoo world, from artists and models to influencers and customers. This means our Instagram feed is a great place to get an on the pulse view of the hottest new tattoo trends and styles. Mandalas and Tiny tattoos continue to increase in popularity with women, with one of our favorite artists Mr.K_tattoo leading the way in this genre.

Meanwhile, for men pocket-watches and time-piece motifs continue to be popular as well as portrait tattoos. While lions took the crown for most popular for men with timepiece motifs and the more traditional portrait tattoo remaining strong.

We recently put together the designs and styles we think will trend for women in 2019, but ultimately, our Instagram feed will decide. So, which Instagram profiles do we follow to make sure we stay up to date and #inkspired? Here is Inked Ritual's ‘Complete Guide on Instagram Tattoo Influencers & Profiles You Need to Follow in 2019’:

 1. @sashaunisex

Best known by her professional name, Sasha Unisex, the uniquely minimalist designs of Russian tattoo artist Oleksandra Ianchukova have caused a sensation among enthusiasts of body art in recent years. She has become one of the most influential of tattoo artists, inspired by a diverse range of artistic muses, including geometry, nature and classical watercolor painting.


 2. @mr.k_tattoo

Originally from Seoul, Korea Mr. K began his art career as a graphic designer. Recently billed as the new tattoo king of Instagram, Mr. K is a Korean artist who works out of Bang Bang’s shop in Manhattan. He’s become famous for his extremely detailed and sometimes micro-sized work.

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San Stae church in Venice✨ last year work #mrktattoo

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 3. @tealeigh

Leigh is an illustrator who specializes in intricate, old-fashioned "stick and poke" tattoos that are in high demand. Leigh's nature-inspired designs and hand motifs are beautifully delicate.


 4. @johnnygloom

Dark and bold, Gloom's creations display powerful feminity and troubling eroticism. Her blackwork tattoos state it loud and clear that it's good to be a femme fatale.


 5. @georgiagreynyc

From minimalist brush stroke tattoos to pop culture pieces, Georgia definitely gave Bang Bang NYC the diversity it needed. Georgia's designs are laden with elements of watercolor washes, acrylic brush strokes, and sketch style linework.

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Memories. Done @bangbangnyc

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 6. @taticompton

Tati creates airy and feminine line drawings in black ink of dark, mystical and celestial subject matter inspired by symbols, mythology, and astronomy. Her style is easily recognized, and clients have told her that they bond with having “a Tati.”


 7. @laurenwinzer

This Sydney painter turned tattoo queen’s portfolio includes pups and fluffy cats, glow in the dark clam shells, ice cream cones, iconic Disney characters, Nike Air Max sneakers, and even Fran Drescher. Winzer switches from intricate designs to bold and loud designs with ease.



 8. @jonboytattoo

Jon Boy is a celebrity tattoo artist at Bang Bang Tattoo in New York City. He's worked in the industry for 18 years and specializes in minimal designs and delicate script.

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🐘 @dmartss #jonboytattoo

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 9. @scampbell333

In 2004, Scott Campbell opened NYC's Saved Tattoo and it quickly grew to be one of the premier tattoo shops, attracting a clientele of the most prominent figures in the fashion, art and Hollywood communities.

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Whole Glory NYC Thank you for your confidence!

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10. @peteraurisch

Aurisch enjoys working freehand; he wants to get the image out of the client’s head and draws it deep down from his vivid imagination. All of this is one giant process that results in an incredibly original, geometric tattoos that are clearly a page out of Cubism.


11. @dr_woo_

With his instantly recognizable style, Dr. Woo is at the forefront of the L.A. black and grey movement, producing intricate fine-line and hyper-real designs. Acclaimed Los Angeles tattoo artist Dr. Woo has been called “the most in-demand tattooist in the world.”


 12. @ suflanda

Susanne König’s tattoos inhabit a gauzy, light world. German by birth, Susanne now works in England and feeds her imagination with everything she happens to see around her. Like Alice in Wonderland, she tries to imagine the lives of the animals she loves to tattoo.

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l o v e 🧒🏼🐶❤️ thank you Judith!

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 13. @coreydivine

One of the newer generations of artists, Corey Divine quickly became a well-known artist because of his pointillism and geometric work. His blackwork is his signature now even though now he includes a little bit of selective color in his pieces.


 14. @bangbangnyc

Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy has left his mark on Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus. He's one of the most famous tattoo artists in the world, or, better yet, tattoo artist to the most famous in the world.

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 15. @timorsuper

Super Timor is not an artist following trends. You can see him jumping from subject to subject, combining styles. Super Timor likes bold graphic vision, whether it’s old school design or signature design. He often uses Slavic imagery, simple patterns, and ornamental motives.


 16. @sarahgaugler

Sarah Gaugler is a NYC Licensed Tattooist from the Philippines. Her studio is called "Snow Tattoo" because she believes that like a snowflake, no two tattoos should be exactly alike. She customizes and illustrates every tattoo design, on the spot, so that each individual can acquire their own personalized tattoo.

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🖤 🌙 The image of the Goddess inspires women to see ourselves as divine, our bodies as sacred, the changing phases of our lives as holy, our passion as healthy, and our power to nurture and create, but also to limit and destroy when necessary, as the very force that sustains all life. Through the Goddess we can discover our strength, enlighten our minds, own our bodies, and celebrate our emotions. We can move beyond narrow, constricting roles and become whole.🌙🖤 Signature Custom #MoonPhasesTattoo by @sarahgaugler - Private Studio, TriBeCa By Appointment - sign up for pop up announcements!!! @snowtattoonyc No two are exactly the same! 100% original ⚡️ .⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀ . . . . . . .⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀ #sarahgauglerquotes #sarahgaugler #snowtattoo #snowtattooshop #sarahgauglertattoo #snowtattoonyc #newyorktattoo #signaturetattoo #dotworktattoo #newyorktattooartist #newyorktattooartist #thintattoo #detailedtattoo #finelinetattoo #veblengood #moontattoo #customtattoo #customtattooartist #turbogoth #starstattoo #fineline #luxurytattoo #microtattoo #moonphases #finelinetattoos #moonphasetattoo #filipinaartist #newyorktattoo #classytattoos #filipinotattooartist

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 17. @minkasicklinger

This New York-based artist discovered creative expression as a child from the pages of her father’s National Geographic magazines. She was drawn to the colorful spreads of indigenous cultures and their use of ink on the skin as a medium for tribal initiation and ritual. This influence has stayed with her and become somewhat of her trademark.


 18. @lisaorth

Lisa Orth only tattoos original artwork that she creates herself in linework based style. She works primarily in black ink, only occasionally adding a sparse addition of linework based color.


 19. @tattooinkspiration

With 4.6 million followers on, account @tattooinkspiration posts eye-catching photos of tattoos that are always clever and creative.

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Amazing matching tattoo idea 😍 tag someone you’d get it with

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 20. @leadthefollowers

Run by tattoo collector Jordan Feno, Lead the Follower's motto is ”You can’t influence the world tryin’ to be like it". The account features realism/surrealism tattoos, custom clothing, and culture.

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For the people who don’t know, my personal page is @jordanfeno, I run this account solo, and I’m a diehard tattoo collector myself. I’ve been getting tattooed for about six years, and I have collected over 300 hours of tattoo work from 25 artists so far. If anyone ever havs any type of tattoo questions you can always feel free to shoot me a message on either of my pages. I’ve made a ton of mistakes along the way and had to do tons of laser removal so I could cover things up and start getting a cohesive collection, learned a lot of things I wish I knew at the beginning of my journey that costed me a lot of $$ to fix and that could have been avoided, and I am happy to help other tattoo collectors in anyway I can. Our new website is dropping soon that will have tons of content that I hope you guys find entertaining/informative as well as lots of custom products available for purchase - please stay tuned and again thank you all for any kind of support it’s extremely appreciated and means a lot, even if it’s something as simple as tagging a buddy in our posts, it all helps. @leadthefollowers

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 21. @iangriffith_tattoos

Tattoo artist to Rick Ross and Meek Mill, Ian Griffith is a talented artist, now famous for the Miami Heat logo that Rick Ross tattooed on his face.


 22. @thesimpsonstattoo

@TheSimpsonsTattoo is a collection of the finest pop culture reference tattoos and artwork, showcasing the good, the bad and the downright obscure.


 23. @vickygarciaalonso

This artist from Argentina pours her passion into creating either color or black tattoos that are full of creativity.


 24. @inkedbadboyz

This tattoo account posts photos of men with tattoos that are easy on the eyes. Enough said.


 25. @tattooes_idea

With over 100k followers on Instagram, this feed keeps it flirty with a focus on tattooed women and men.


 26. @brutalbeards

This rugged account posts photos of brutal beards, tattoos, motorcycles & stylish apparel for men.


 27. @tiny.tatts

With 1.7 million followers on Instagram, this account maintains a solid stream of tiny and delicate tattoos.


 28. @the_tattoo_network

This popular account is run by artists and posts the highest quality of tattoos from all their own favorite tattoo artists.



 29. @oozy_tattoo

The South Korean tattoo artist and animator mashes-up science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. The results are beautiful.

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Yummy🍥 . #oozy #oozytattoo

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 30. @sokolova_art

Daria Sokolova's tattoos are creative, delicate, and feminine.


 31. @jonmesatattoos

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic before moving to New York at age 13, Jon specializes in custom neo-traditional tattoos.


 32. @tattooinspouk

Tattoo inspiration from the UK and around the world.

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@camilocolmenares 🇨🇴

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 33. @evantattoo

Evan Kim is an NYC tattoo artist specializing in fine line and single-needle work.


 34. @tattoos_of_instagram

User-submitted tattoo photos with an impressive 5.4 million followers on Instagram.


 35. @shorshjimenez

Las Vegas tattoo artist specializing in black tattoos with intricate and impressive detail.

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Vegas piece. Cheers! #tattoo

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 36. @boyetattoo

Christian Boye Larsen is a Danish tattoo artist that constantly turns heads with his clean yet incredibly detailed work.


 37. @_honart_

Spanish tattoo artist Cristian Marin concentrates on imagery that features eye-catching contrast.


 38. @benji_roketlauncha

Benji Roketlauncha is a tattoo artist from Australia who specializes in realism and portrait tattoos.


 39. @tattoos_n_physiques

Fit body? Cool tattoos? Good tattoos on toned physiques are what this account is all about.


 40. @giarosetattoo

Gia Rose is a professional tattoo artist who starred in season eight of the show, Ink Master. Her tattoos are bold, beautiful, and strong.


 41. @stephanie_melbourne

Artist Stephanie Melbourne is known for her stunning neo-traditional tattoos. Her work is always vibrant and bold.


 42. @tattoosbyhalo

Spike Tv's INK MASTER Award Winning and Internationally published artist Halo creates tattoos that are bold and playful.


 43. @bluestonebabe

Rosa Bluestone Perr, a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist, specializes in dainty, hand-poked tattoos.


 44. @mnsantanatattoo

Michelle Santana's art can be smaller than the tip of your finger, but the details are infinitely better than some larger tattoos we've seen elsewhere.

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 45. @zihee_tattoo

Zihee's tattoos feature watercolor designs that burst with bright colors. The artist almost always uses a rainbow spectrum of colors that make the art-pop.


 46. @tattoos_and_tattoo_arts

This account features a fresh feed of tattoos from some of the world's best artists.



With nearly 1 million followers, this account features bold and sexy tattoos from artists all around the world.


 48. @jacksonmay_tattooist

Australian based Jackson May has an incredible talent for creating bold tattoos that look almost 3D.


 49. @boristattoo

Boris lives and works in the same place he was born in Hungary. It’s where he made his first tattoo in 1992 using amateur equipment, and where he continues to make some of the best tattoos on earth today.