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Shocking Images Show How Bad Tattoos Can Fade

If you're weighing up whether or not to be permanently etched with a tattoo, you may want to cast your eyes over these shocking photos.

In the pictures, compiled by BoredPanda, Men and women have shared before and after photos of their inkings to reveal just how much they've faded over time - some in as little as seven days. From a red lipstick that became nothing more than a few lines of black ink to etchings that are nearly impossible to make out, these snaps may just put you off going under the needle.

1. People have proven that you really should think before you ink as they share these images revealing how their tattoos faded in shocking before and after photos.

2. If you're weighing up whether or not to be permanently etched with a tattoo, this faded skydiving scene may make you think twice.

3. Some of the images show how quickly inkings can fade - much like this extremely faded bird that's nearly completely disappeared after just four years.

4. One woman was left disappointed to see that her red lipstick tattoo had been reduced to just a few scribbles within the space of a few weeks.

5. This woman may have had her favorite motto etched on her fingers but it seems her faded tattoo would leave her feeling far from it.


6. Someone saw their intricate tattoo fade almost completely in just four weeks.


7. The font on this lady's finger was barely legible after six weeks.

8. Areas on the body like lips, feet, and fingers are all known for having a shorter life expectancy when it comes to tattoos, as this woman's bow proves.

9. This skull tattoo made for a rather frightening sight when its color completely faded after 14 years.


10. This ocean-inspired tattoo appeared to have had quite the wash out after four years on a man's arm.

11. A man may have had a highly detailed transcription etched onto his arm but the letters had completely merged into one another over a decade.

12. Surely this person's horoscope didn't hint at how much their new piece of body art would fade over the years.

13. One woman may have been delighted with her colorful new tattoo but just hours later, after healing, the vibrant hues had completely faded.

14. The force was certainly not with this woman, whose lightsaber tattoo was as good as gone.

15. Tattoos are thought to last forever but as this man's inking proved, half of the inking had disappeared after 17 years.

16. The type of ink your artist uses can make a real difference and, according to Skin-Artists.com, there are cheap ink brands out there.

17. According to Sharpologist.com, the sun is the number one cause of fading so perhaps this man lived in sunny climes for 15 years.

18. This ghoulish inking had certainly lost its rockstar edge after healing.

19. The woman's 'Carpe Diem' tattoo - meaning seize the day - had as good as gone from the inside of her mouth.

20. This man was surely hoping for a fiery effect when he had this flame-inspired tattoo, which had certainly lost its spark after 15 years.

21. This previously vibrant peach was a far cry from its original orange hue.

22. This man chose three of his favorite adjectives to have on his fingers but one of them was illegible a few months later.

23. In the space of just a few months, this man's scorpion inking was more or less gone.


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