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The idea of getting a tattoo is to make a permanent change to your skin

When you decide to get a tattoo, you probably spend a significant amount of time agonizing over what you’ll choose to put on your body. Some people consider this for years. And there’s a reason for that: whatever you decide to do, it will be a permanent change to your body.

So, after all the time, energy, and research deciding what sort of art you would like to permanently place on your body -- the idea of your ink fading over time can be incredibly frustrating.

Without proper maintenance and care, your tattoos will become dull and lifeless, patchy and spotty, and ultimately come to look like a second cousin of the original. This, of course, stands in direct opposition to the concept of permanent artwork. It also negates the value of your investment -- tattoos aren’t cheap (well, good tattoos aren’t cheap, anyway).
Restore your ink, and protect your future additions with Inked Ritual Tattoo Care

If you're a tattoo lover like us, it doesn't matter if you have a single tattoo or a full-body special. Because every tattoo tells a story -- and every tattoo has a story. Something personal; something meaningful; something individualistic and or something symbolic. 

Your tattoos are with you for life. Wear your tattoos with pride and never lose confidence showing them off. Even if it's only you admiring them in the mirror.
Never let your inked stories become something you feel like you need to hide. Save yourself from having to get them touched up for the umpteenth time. You have a choice. Start an Inked Ritual and begin to protect, enhance, and restore your tattoos.

And whenever a non-tattoo lover says "How are those tattoos gonna look when you're old"? Simply say AWESOME! Because I have a daily Inked Ritual of tattoo care.
Real talk: no matter what, do something to protect your tattoos

Listen. We understand that everyone has a budget. Everyone’s circumstances are different from one another’s. Rest assured, we only use the highest-quality natural ingredients and Inked Ritual is proudly made in the USA. And a little goes a very long way, so it actually lasts much longer than other products. 
But from one tattoo lover to another, we feel compelled to convey the urgency of tattoo care all the same.

Don't take your tattoo investment for granted. Your skin needs more than simple moisturizing and sunscreen to keep your tattoos bold and vibrant. 

Obviously, we would love for you to use our Inked Ritual Anti-Fade Tattoo Serum -- because we know it works better than anything out there. That is how we are so confident to offer a 100% Satisfaction money-back guarantee. 
Premium tattoo protection -- superior cosmeceutical technology

Inked Ritual Tattoo Serum is formulated using the most recent and advanced scientific breakthroughs in skincare technology. Our serum has a silky-smooth texture that doesn’t leave any greasy or sticky residue. In fact, Inked Inked Ritual absorbs and dries within seconds.

Inked Ritual’s formula combines the powerful and patented bio-active peptides, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and more to engage the deepest layers of skin, where moisturizers cannot reach. Inked Ritual’s unique and exclusive skincare technology provides advanced skincare rejuvenation beyond any tattoo products or moisturizers can do.

Inked Ritual accomplishes its task by penetrating deep into your tattooed layer of skin, the dermis. This is where Inked Ritual goes to work to encourage hydration, cellular health, rejuvenation, and preservation that protects both new tattoos and old ink.

Start an Inked Ritual to enhance, restore and protect your tattoos from fading. Watch your tattoos take on a new bold vibrancy, with darker blacks and brighter colors, and results that last and not wash off. Your skin deserves it!

INKED RITUAL Tattoo Care Serum


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