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"Getting inked is a revitalizing modern-day ritual of self-expression. Tattoos are an essential part of our unique identity. This artistic rite of passage etched into our body’s canvas, must be protected with the same passion."  


As the founder of Inked Ritual, I want to share my story and some events that lead to the unique formulation of Inked Ritual's Anti-Fade Tattoo Serum. 

The Dirty Secret of Tattoo Aftercare

I appreciated my tattoo artist's advice, but I was not confident in her response. Having an background in advanced skincare, I decided to do some research. This is when I discovered a dirty secret about tattoo care that no one is talking about: Tattoos DON'T fade. However, as we get older, our aging skin will make our tattoos look dull and faded. My tattoo artist's advice of simply keeping my skin moisturized would not be enough to stop tattoo fading. 

I also learned that almost every tattoo aftercare product was cream, lotion, balm or oil. Some of these products make excellent surface moisturizers, that are decent at healing new tattoos, but they don't provide long-term tattoo fading protection. 

18 Month Journey and Exciting New Discovery 

After my initial research of numerous brands of tattoo aftercare products available, I decided to dig deeper. My tattoo obsession led me to undertake over 18 months of extensive research, product development, and testing. This eventually led to the exciting discovery of new anti-fading skincare technology that could effectively address the problem of fading tattoos for the first time.

By penetrating the skins' dermal layers where your ink lies, Inked Ritual's advanced bio-active ingredients nourish, hydrate, and rejuvenate your tattooed skin, deep below the surface, where it's needed to preserve the beauty of your ink. 

INKED RITUAL Tattoo Care | Anti-Fade Serum 

Introducing the first ever advanced daily tattoo care that enhances, protects and restores faded tattoos. These results are achieved using an exclusive formula combining patented anti-aging peptides, amino acids, antioxidants,hyaluronic acid, and vitamins.

I hope that you discover the value of starting a daily Inked Ritual to preserve the beauty of your body art forever. We care about tattoos and we care about you!