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Fading Tattoos that Launched a Brand - And how it all started


"Getting inked is a revitalizing modern-day ritual of self-expression. Tattoos are an essential part of our unique identity. This artistic rite of passage etched into our body's canvas must be protected with the same passion."  



Tattoos, when fresh, are vibrant works of art that we wear with pride. However, the journey from a freshly inked piece to a fully healed design is critical. The tattoo healing process is pivotal, dictating the longevity and vibrancy of your ink. In light of this, choosing the best tattoo aftercare products becomes essential.

Inked Ritual: Your Ultimate Tattoo Care Protection and Revitalization

Inked Ritual isn't merely about tattoo skincare; it's a commitment to ensuring every tattoo remains as vivid as when first crafted. Established by our visionary founder, our Tattoo Aftercare Serum is designed to cater to everyone from tattoo novices to those with a canvas full of stories. Embrace Inked Ritual, and make it an essential part of your daily routine, ensuring your tattoos defy time.

A Tattoo Obsession

Tattoos are more than mere artistic impressions on our skin. For many, they resonate with deep personal significance, echoing our identity and life-defining moments. Like you, I proudly wear my tattoos and eagerly await the next addition. How often have I sat for an inking? 27 times by 2023.

The Day I Realized My Tattoos Were Fading

I never thought much about my tattoos fading until one day at the tattoo shop. During my 10th session, my tattoo artist remarked that some of my older pieces looked faded and washed. Initially taken aback, I soon realized the gravity of the situation. The last thing I wanted was for my newest ink investments to suffer the same fate. When I inquired about preventing tattoo fading, my tattoo artist's advice was straightforward: "Keep your tattoos moisturized." However, as I delved deeper, I understood moisturization wouldn't suffice.

Having seen faded tattoos and even damaged or ruined ones due to inadequate care, our commitment at Inked Ritual has been unwavering. We want only the best for those who, like us, consider their tattoos a precious part of their identity. Our dedication led us to extensive research into the realm of post-tattoo recovery. The alarming truth?

The Dirty Secret of Tattoo Aftercare

While I valued my tattoo artist's guidance, it didn't fully resonate with me. With a background in advanced skincare, I was compelled to delve deeper. My research uncovered an under-discussed aspect of tattoo care: Tattoos themselves DON'T fade. Instead, it's the aging of our skin that makes tattoos appear less vibrant over time. As my tattoo artist suggested, merely keeping the skin moisturized wouldn't suffice to combat this perceived tattoo fading.

The Major Misstep in Tattoo Aftercare Products

Driven by outdated knowledge and resistance to new information, many still resort to daily skincare products with ingredients detrimental to tattoo vibrancy. Several of these products, filled with toxic and unsafe ingredients like petrolatum or mineral oils, can clog pores, leaving your skin greasy and prematurely fading your new tattoo, all while potentially causing hormonal disruption. 

18-Month Journey and Exciting New Discovery 

Upon examining various tattoo aftercare brands, I felt compelled to delve further. Driven by my passion for tattoos, I dedicated over 18 months to rigorous research, product development, and testing. This journey culminated in the groundbreaking revelation of a novel anti-fading skincare technology—offering a genuine solution to the issue of fading tattoos.

Inked Ritual employs advanced bio-active ingredients that penetrate the dermal layers, reaching where your ink resides. By nourishing, hydrating, and rejuvenating the tattooed skin from deep within, Inked Ritual ensures your art remains as vibrant as the day it was inked.

Clean Ingredients for Better Skin Health and More Vibrant Tattoos

Driven by a passion for tattoo longevity, we focused on natural, nontoxic solutions. A tattoo's health and vibrancy shouldn't be compromised. We've designed products that epitomize premium tattoo aftercare – effective, honest, and safe. Every tattoo enthusiast wanting only the best products for their ink will appreciate the meticulous care that goes into Inked Ritual.

Why Does It Matter for Your Tattoos?

Your tattoo is more than ink; it's an artwork, a memory, a part of you. And as your skin evolves, so should its care. By combating the aging process at its core, Inked Ritual ensures your tattoos stay bolder, brighter, and more vibrant. Our advanced tattoo aftercare formula is meticulously crafted to protect your skin from aging and, in turn, prevent your tattoos from fading. With Inked Ritual, preserve and revitalize - ensuring every tattoo remains a masterpiece.

Inked Ritual Tattoo Care

Discover our pioneering daily tattoo care, uniquely designed to amplify, safeguard, and rejuvenate faded tattoos. Our exclusive formula harnesses the power of patented anti-aging peptides, amino acids, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins. Plus, with Inked Ritual, you can take pride in a product free from petrolatum, mineral oil, parabens, and all toxic ingredients, including fragrances. Our tattoo care is also vegan and cruelty-free. 

Begin your daily Inked Ritual to eternally maintain the vibrancy of your body art. We're passionate about tattoos and even more so about you!



President & Founder - Mike