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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

As the founders of Inked Ritual Tattoo Care, it's only natural that we hold our tattoo aftercare in high esteem. However, we invite you to hear from our loyal Inked Ritual customers before making an informed decision about what to use for your own tattoos.

"AMAZING INGREDIENTS. I was amazed when I got my Inked Ritual and saw that it contains peptides, fruit stem cells, vitamins, minerals, and other cool herbal extracts. I had to hide this from my wife." - Eric S. (Santa Barbara, CA)


"Excellent product. Cannot recommend it enough! Love how it makes my tattoos look, skin feel soft and NO SMELL. Absorbs super fast within seconds, no greasy residue. 5 star!" - Isabel (Canada)  


"Great stuff!!! I’ve tried a lot of different tattoo moisturizers over the last several months but this is by far the best I’ve tried, I’m in the middle of a huge back piece and this product is very soothing and soaks in quickly and non-greasy, my wife likes it the best too since she’s the one applying it, she likes the way it makes her hands feel. I’ve tried all the top popular brands but this is a totally different feeling, I’m between sessions, so I’ve only use for moisture, but I can already tell just from the way it made my skin feel it will be great right after a session." - Scotty S. (United States) 


"Great stuff! Hi, sorry it took so long getting back to you! I received my product as a brand ambassador and have loved the product! I love how hydrating it feels especially since I naturally have dry skin!" - Stephanie W. (United States)


"Inked Ritual tattoo care is amazing! I love how it’s unscented and goes on so smooth and absorbs so fast. My tattoos look fresh and hydrated." - Jeremy D. (Austin, TX)


"Pretty amazing tattoo care. Very well absorbed and quickly moisturizes my tattoo. A small amount goes a very long way. Will always use this for future pieces. Pretty amazing." - Jessie T. (Oakland, CA) 


"I love this stuff!! I have used several different tattoo care products and I’m fed up with how greasy and oily they leave my skin feeling. Someone suggested trying Inked Ritual because it was supposed to be different. Well, I recently bought some and all I can say is that I love this stuff! It goes on so smooth, absorbs fast, leaving my skins feeling soft, silky and refreshed." - Will K. (Colorado Springs, CO)  


"Great Product!! Bought this to continue maintaining my tattoos and it works great! You don't need a lot as it spreads well" - Amanda P. 


 "Wonderful Product! An awesome and knowledgeable company with a world class product. Inked Ritual makes my old tattoos look brand new. I cannot wait to use this product on my new tattoos, the perfect excuse to get more ink! Thank you Inked Ritual!" - Bryce F. (Texas, United States)


"Wonderful product! Really brings out the vibrancy of the tattoo, ì really like this product" - Vesa K. (Canada) 


“Wow!!! This shit is awesome! My black tattoos have gotton darker and my colored tattoo looks much more rich. This stuff works! And I love how fast it absorbs and that it does not smell at all. Inked Ritual I love you guys! XO  ; )” - Jaime B. (Australia) 


"Makes my tattoos dark and smooth! Feels smooth and shiny and dark I love it." - Kevin C. (Canada)


"Revitalize Tattoo! I saw an ad for Inked Ritual and started reading some reviews, which all were very positive reviews. So I figured I would try it on my year and half old tattoo and to say the least after 3 weeks of use it's made my tattoo look bold again!! Awesome product I will definitely recommend this to others!!!!" - Adam L. (Canada)


"My tattoos look amazing! This is definitely different than anything I have ever used. It's not greasy like all the other cream and butter type tattoo care. It absorbs very quickly and leaves your tattoos looking amazing and your skin feeling soft." - Joanna B. (Dallas, TX) 


"Excellent! Excellent product" - Anonymous (Canada)


"Tattoo Came Back to Life! As soon as I applied the serum, my tattoo came back to life. The lines & colours were so much sharper."  - Anonymous (United States)


"Excellent! I was surprised how fast my shipment arrived, I used it after seven days of getting my tattoo and I can say I am super satisfied with the product :) it definitely makes my lines and overall look of the tattoo look good for the whole day, will reorder once I finish." - J.A (Canada) 


"It soaks in to the skin super quickly." - Lily L. (Texas, United States) 


"So far so good! I wasn't sure I could notice a difference after only a month's use. I've been using the serum on a water colour tattoo with vibrant colours. But looking at a picture I took before using the product and examining my tattoo now, it does appear the colours are slightly more vibrant. I do like the texture of the serum, and I loved the personalized touch with the note inside the box. Looking forward to seeing results after long time use." - Eden L. (Canada) 


"Awesome product. Great product and highly recommend. Costs a bit more than other tattoo aftercare products, but I'd say it's definately worth it. I was mainly looking for a serum and it has a nice light gloopy gel-like texture which makes applying it real easy. It goes on clear and doesn't take a lot of rubbing in like other aftercare lotions do. Which is great especially while the tattoo is healing. It would be nice if their social media (Instagram) would highlight more of the actual product itself, because there wasn't much I could find about the product. But they respond quick to emails and ship out fast. Does everything a good serum should do and i'll continue buying." - Anonymous (Florida, United States) 


"Skeptic no more! This stuff actually works as advertised. I was skeptical of all the positive reviews but decided to take a chance and try it anyway. To my surprise all the reviews are correct it works and I noticed a lasting difference immediately." - Anonymous (Canada)


"Great stuff! I’ve been using Inked Ritual for about a week and I’ve already noticed my skin feels tighter and tattoos seem to pop a little more. People actually were asking if I got some more work done because they looked new. I really like that the product has no real smell to it. I’m a happy customer and brand ambassador." - Chad S. (United States) 


"My first tattoo! I received my order promptly. I've been using it everyday for almost a month now and can see a definite improvement in the darkness and sharpness of my 8 month old tattoo. Easy to apply and it doesn't take much of the product to make a difference. Love the product. Will definitely be reordering."  - Anonymous (Canada)


"Best customer service ever and great product! Incredibly friendly and helpful customer service! When the German post lost my package, everything was done to solve the problem. ❤ The tattoo care keeps my skin really soft and after having used it for about three weeks, I can say that it really makes the colors bright. You also just need a hint of it, as the texture is very smooth and easy to apply." - Ildikó F (Germany) 


"My Tattoo with Inked Ritual. Good day! After 15 days of using Inked Ritual I can said that my tattoo look very good and my skin feel soft. I can wait to give an other review after using it for the next 3 months." - Anonymous (Canada)


"Best skincare I have ever used. I did some pretty extensive research for a good tattoo care product and I came across INKED RITUAL Tattoo Care! And everything they say is true, if not better! This stuff is the best skincare I have ever used. I even use it on my face for wrinkles. I think that Inked Ritual is my tattoos new best friend." - Steven B. (Long Beach, CA) 


"Nice product for a new tattoo!! Started applying 7 days after a new tattoo and appears to have helped with the healing process when combined with a suitable moisturizer. Really easy to apply!!" - Chris C. (Canada)

"Update on tattoo appearance! My experience with "Inked Ritual" was a pleasant one. My item arrived a bit late because of the COVID pandemic, and it was securely packed. The after service customer care was excellent. When I contacted Inked Ritual regarding my delivery, I received and emailed with twenty-four hours regarding my delivery status. The Inked Ritual makes my tattoo looks rich in detail and colour. The only thing I wish is that it came in 100mls compared to the 80mls."  - Anonymous (Canada)


"Slaying it! My ink looks bolder and darker. color were enhanced." - Rachelle C. (Canada)


"Does What It Promises! I've been using it for little over a week and now the colours of the Tats on my sleeve look warmer and richer, especially the darker ones. I like that it glides on the skin, no pulling or sticking and it absorbs into the skin instantly. A shoutout to Mike for the great customer service." - Anonymous (Canada)


"Just as described. First applied it and love the smoothness about it. My tattoo has a shiny sheen to it, and I love it. Plan on purchasing a lot more and love the fact they offer a military discount." - Richard H. (United States) 


"ink ritual. I have been using for about 2 weeks product works good." - John m. (Canada)


"Must have for tattoo collectors!! Since using inked ritual, I have been getting numerous compliments on how my tattoos look. Friends have asked if I had my tattoos touched up, and strangers are complimenting and asking if some of my tattoos are new. I have used many tattoo care products on my tattoos and none of them work as well as this. I love that it has NO FRAGRANCE!!!! and it goes on so light, and absorbs quick. My skin feels hydrated and smooth and I also use it on my face, not just for keeping my cosmetic tattoos dark, but also for wrinkles. I'm getting a new tattoo in January, and my tattoo artist suggested I use my Inked Ritual for post recovery. After reading reviews and speaking with someone who used it on their new tattoo and loved how fast their ink healed, i can't wait to try it on mine. Thank you Inked Ritual :-) I will never use anything else on my tattoos. This is now part of my daily skincare regimen." - Amelia (United Kingdom)


"Very happy with the product! Very happy with the product will re order again.. Thanks" - Anonymous (Canada)


"Wonderful! I love it my tattoos look great and I love the new look of them." - Anonymous (United States)


"Great product! You have a great product. Would be nice if you could purchase a 6 oz tube instead of a 3oz. If no other sizes are available, maybe offering a deal for the 3 oz. Buy 3 get the 4th one free or something of that nature. I could see individuals with large tattoos like myself would go through a 3 oz tube in no time. Overall, great product." - Anonymous - (Canada)


"It's good! I love this product." - Anonymous (Canada)


"Awesome! Exactly what the seller claims, I have a 1 year old tattoos and take good care of them however with this product they will stay new looking for a long time!!!" - Joseph C. (Canada)


"Time to order more! I had never heard about this tattoo care until several months ago after getting some for my birthday. I’ve been using it on my older tattoos and a new tattoo. I don’t think Inked Ritual is for tattoo healing, but it worked better than anything I ever used. My skin feels soft and my tattoos look better than before I started using it. Even my artist commented on how my older tattoos looked darker. I ran out a couple weeks ago, my tattoos still look better. Awesome product! Never going to stop using Inked Ritual. I’m ordering more!" - Tara S. (United States)


"Impressive! My Inked Ritual was perfect. First time I order from you and I am not regretting my choice. Delivery was fast and the anti-fade serum is great!" - Anonymous (Canada)


"Inked ritual. My tattoos never looked better worked wonders on my older Sun faded tattoos and my new one looks more vibrant now that I'm using Inked Ritual. I strongly recommend you buy and try the product you will love it!" - Robert B. (United States)


"Love it! It works great for my tribal leg sleeve." - Anonymous (Canada)


"Impressive! My Inked Ritual was perfect. First time I order from you and I am not regretting my choice. Delivery was fast and the anti-fade tattoo serum is great." - Anonymous (Canada)


"Try it! And tell all your friends! I have a full leg, full color tat that is a little over a year old. I tend to go out in the sun a lot- even though I wear sunscreen, and reapply often- my artist commented that he thought it had faded quite a bit. I decided to try Inked Ritual. I am super satisfied, and I can’t wait till the next time I catch up with my artist to show him the difference. Next tat, I will start this from day one." - Carrie S. (Alberta, Canada)  


"Happy! Seems to work very well. I will buy again." - Scott M. (Ontario Canada)


"Five out of five star rating! Just a longer term update on the ‘Inked Ritual Tattoo Care’. I’m as super pleased with the gel and I’ve noticed a permanent ‘new’ tattoo appearance, having used this natural product for over a year now. The colour and lines of my tattoos are vivid and bright and my skin is soft, still without any greasy effect. I am so glad that I found this product that has protected my very valuable ink that are exposed to the elements year around. Still a five out of five star rating! If I could rate it higher I would. I recommend this product" - Jonathan S. (Vancouver, BC) 


"Excellent product. I would recommend to anyone that wants to take care of their investment." - Anonymous (Canada) 


 "So you got a tattoo?! Now what?!  After years of whining about getting a tattoo, in the fall of last year, all the planets aligned for this to happen. The healing process was completely incident free and on the 7th day, I pealed off the bandage to reveal that awesome new part of me. Now what?! This was in fact the part I was most interested in and concerned about. There are many tats out there that look grey, dull, dry and just blaaaa! I didn’t want to be that guy. I love the crisp contract of skin and black ink and I wanted my tat to look like that all the time and “forever”. Often spending time on Instagram, I came across the Inked ritual page and was impressed by the overall presentation. Got a tube to try it for myself. Well...! Let's just say that what I was using before was pushed to the way side. This not only hydrates and moisturize my skin but does so by reaching in much further. The result is a slick, crisp looking tat. In so many words, this is next level skin/tattoo care. From a usability point-of-view: Very little is required. It is absorbed quickly leaving no residue or sticky feeling. And my tat looks as good as it did on weeks 2 (maybe 3). Impressed!" - Didier A. (Quebec, Canada)


 "Great stuff! Hi, sorry it took so long getting back to you! I received my product as a brand ambassador and have loved the product! I love how hydrating it feels especially since I naturally have dry skin!" - Stephanie W. (United States)


"My tattoos look incredible! Wanted to share my review on how Inked Ritual tattoo care has made my tattoos look incredible. They are darker like when they were first done and friends have noticed the difference, so I know it's not just me. I have an old sun damaged tattoo, that may have been done with low quality ink over 22 years ago, which has not changed much, but there is a slight difference. I will keep using this and ordering more." - Johnny F. (United Kingdom) 


"Works well! I have been using the serum on my new Ink as well as some I have had for a good 10 years or more. The colour has been brought back slightly on those but my newer ink looks amazing. I need to get the older ones recoloured." - Anonymous (Canada)


"Happy New year to my tattoos. I got some Inked Ritual Tattoo Care as an early Christmas present from my wife, after my regular complaining that I was afraid of having faded tattoos.. And after using for only two weeks on my full sleeve tattoos. To be honest I was skeptical about what it would or would not do. But I'm super impressed. The black tattoos pops off my skin and the blues, greens and reds are super bright. It dries so fast with no smell, so I can put on a dress shirt and tie minutes later without any residue . I recommend 150% this product to anyone who is afraid of having their tattoos fade." - Todd B. (United States)  


"Recommended by tattoo artist. My tattoo artist highly recommended Inked Ritual Tattoo Care for my new and older tattoos. I ordered the Inked Ritual 3 pack deal and have been using it for about a month and I'm shocked how my tattoos are looking darker. People have even commented on how they look so fresh. Highly recommend this to anyone who want their tattoos to stand out!" - Lukas (Germany)


 "Anti-Fade Tattoo Serum! It's the way it is of the product and it's nice! I do see a difference in color and shine." - Andy (Canada)


"I love Inked Ritual Tattoo Care! I normally never leave a review, but I thought this deserved one. Before trying Inked Ritual, my friend told me about it and to be honest I was a bit skeptical. With so many products that claim to do shit, but they never work. Eventually I gave in placed an order after hearing my friend rave about how his tattoos were changing. I have been using this tattoo care now for several weeks and I can honestly say I'm shocked! My tattoos are looking darker and brighter. And like some of the other reviews, I have people telling me how my tattoos look better! Thank you Inked Ritual! I love this stuff and never using anything else. So would I recommend this product? If you care about how your tattoos look? Then 100% Yes." - Sarah D. (Canada)  


"I’m IN LOVE!! This stuff is literally AMAZING! I absolutely HATE getting products that are sticky or heavy on the skin, so when I heard this stuff was water based, I knew I had to try it. And I am IN LOVE!! It glides on so smoothly and you need just the tiniest amount for a big tattoo. You can see immediate results on how fresh your ink looks. This stuff has become part of my daily routine for sure and if you’re reading this, you should add it to your daily routine as well! Or should I say add it to your Inked ritual (; But no, seriously. Try this stuff. It’s amazing and you won’t be sorry!! And if you are, get your money back guaranteed!" - Michelle R. (Arizona, United States) 


"Vibrant Ink! Inked Ritual has kept my skin moisturized and ink looking saturated and vibrant! Just like when they were new..." - Ronnie P. (United States) 


"Proof Is In The Product. OK. So at first i was not thrilled about this product. That was until Mike ( the owner) reached out to me after my initial review of the product. Mike called and we talked about how i was using the product and the benefits it has to keeping your skin healthy under your tattoos. After talking to Mike i found out that i was using WAY too much of the product. I was also under the assumption that this would brighten my old tattoos. Mike also explained that the best time to apply is when you first get out of the shower because your pours are open so the product can really soak in. Then after the product dries you can apply your moisturizer. I took it one step further. After talking to Mike i used Inked Ritual on a brand new tattoo i just got on my lower leg. I put it on after i washed with antibacterial soap. My healing time was cut in half and my new tattoo does not have that initial color fade you always get after the first layer of skin falls off. So that alone has got me hooked on his product. That being said. This product will not brighten your old tattoos. It will keep the skin healthy and help prevent it from fading in the future but wont brighten them. Thanks again Mike for reaching out! Rich” - Rich D. (United States) 


"Everything and more! To be honest I was a bit skeptical when I heard about this product, as there are so many companies selling snake oil tattoo care. But after reading the ingredients and seeing you offer a money back guarantee, I decided to try it. I ordered and it arrived really quick and thanks for the free shipping too! I use it everyday and it makes my skin feel soft and my tattoos look darker, even on the days I forget to put it on. My wife even steals it to use on her face, because of all the peptides for wrinkles. And just the other day I had a very bad sunburn, I used Inked Ritual on it and instantly my skin felt cool and soothed with no more irritation. This stuff is AWESOME!! I love it. Definitely be ordering again!" - Luke (Toronto, Canada) 


"Great Product! I've been using Inked Ritual for the past month and i genuinely believe one of my tattoo's has gotten darker! After reading more about the ingredients I was amazed how many different things could help me keep my ink looking its best! I would definitely recommend it to anybody who wants to protect their ink investment." - Krisztian (Vancouver, BC) 


"Amazing product - unbelievable results! I am totally satisfied with the purchase. The product is just exceptional. No gimmicks - no hidden fees. I highly recommend it to everyone out there who is looking to protect their tattoos. The customer support is exceptional; delivery was quick. Overall an awesome experience." - Anonymous (Ottawa, Canada) 


"This product is really awesome! Hi, Sorry for the late response. Actually, I was thinking about sending you a message... My husband LOVED it, and even I am planning to place the order for more products. He just got a new tattoo and regularly using the product. It's great. This product is really awesome, and I would suggest you to hire a good marketing company to promote it more on social media and on other mediums. Because I personally know it works and people NEED it." - Amy (Montreal, Canada) 


"Definitely check it out! Good people, great product! I’m in my 50’s with some old ink on my arms and back that has seen way too much sun and not enough love so I took a chance on Inked Ritual’s Tattoo Care hoping to reduce some of the fading and was impressed by the results. My skin usually breaks out in some nasty/allergic way to most store-bought stuff that’s supposed to make your ink look great and never does so I was a little suspicious of Inked Ritual's Tattoo Care but it is definitely the real deal and it’s made in the USA! Just a thin layer of Inked Ritual’s Tattoo Care is all you need. It absorbs super-fast and lasts without any stickiness or residue, no heavy perfumes, and definitely enhances the color and overall appearance of my tattoos as well as the softness of my skin. Family, friends, and even people I didn’t know started complimenting my ink! I was also really impressed with customer care. Inked Ritual’s Tattoo Care was back ordered when I made my first purchase because of all the interest in the product and the founder/CEO, Mike, not only personally apologized for the delay but also provided email updates about the arrival date and gave me a 25% reorder discount! Definitely check it out! Good people, great product!" - David (Los Angeles, CA) 


"Very impressed - five out of five stars! I can’t make enough really positive comments about ‘Inked Ritual Tattoo Care’. I’ve tried quite a few different products over the years to preserve and protect my three large tattoos. I found them all quite greasy feeling, they never seemed to feel dry until they would inevitably be transferred to my clothing. ‘Inked Ritual Tattoo Care’ is completely non-greasy feeling and is very quickly absorbed by the skin. On my first application, I was amazed that my black and coloured tattoos appeared much sharper and like they were new! Another of its awesome properties is the cooling affect it gives your skin after you apply it. I’m also very impressed that the ingredients used are natural as I am careful about what products I use on my skin. I’d definitely give it five out of five stars!" - Jonathan S. (Vancouver, BC)