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"Protect your inked investment"

No matter who you are, where you’ve been, or where you’re going, there's a universal truth: your skin tattooed skin tells the stories of your life. 

In keeping with this truth, those who elect to get a tattoo make a significant, lifelong investment. Tattoos turn the human body into a storyboard of sorts – a collection of visual aids by which to express something meaningful, something significant, something wholly unique to the individual. 

And by choosing your skin as a storytelling mechanism, you take on the responsibility of that decision -- the onus of tending to your investment. 

Inked Ritual's founder was endlessly frustrated watching his tattoos predictably and mercilessly fade as he got older. By the time he’d gotten his tenth tattoo, his first tattoos were looking dull and lifeless.  

Exasperated and determined to restore his existing tattoos and protect the new ones he planned to get in the future, he became obsessed with finding an effective solution. After testing numerous tattoo aftercare products, it became abundantly clear that the product and results that Mike was looking for simply did not yet exist; and it would have to be created. 

Having over 20 years of experience in the development of advanced skincare products, he was on a mission. Combing all of his knowledge with a relentless drive for perfection (a hint of OCD), he developed a powerful tattoo aftercare product that encourages skin health rejuvenation at the cellular level. The result, Inked Ritual Tattoo Care

Since Inked Ritual is cruelty-free, so Mike was a human test subject during the product development and testing. The results - Mike’s old tattoos have come back to life and his newest editions look amazing! It was time to share this new anti-fade tattoo enhancing serum with the tattoo community.

After launching Inked Ritual, it sold out within days! Shortly thereafter, the customer reviews and testimonials started rolling in. The feedback was a further confirmation that Mike’s research and development had surpassed what he imagined the results could achieve. Inked Ritual was created to protect and stop tattoo fading, but the benefits and results exceeded this by enhancing and restoring people’s tattoos.

Here are some customer’s comments on what Inked Ritual did for their tattoos:

“Inked Ritual is making my tatts pop like they are new”

“My tattoos are looking brighter and have never looked better”

“Inked Ritual really makes my tattoo bright and skin feels soft”

“It makes my old tattoos look so new”

“No other skincare has ever changed my tattoos like this stuff.”

“My tattoos got and stayed darker like when they were fresh”

“My artist commented on the bright colors and dark blacks”

“I have tattoos from over 20 years ago (all colored), they shine now”

“It brought the color back almost immediately”

“It brought my tattoos back to life, and look just like they were just done”

“Inked Ritual really brings out the vibrancy of my tattoo”

“My tattoo came back to life; the lines & colors are so much sharper”

Inked Ritual is a total success! You can be confident that your tattoo investment will withstand the effects of aging, and you will have bold vibrant tattoos for life! And with this confidence, every sale of Inked Ritual comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. It works that well!

If you've never used, we dare you to. The results speak for themselves.






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