September 07, 2018 1 min read

No matter who you are, where you’ve been, or where you’re going, there's a universal truth: your skin tattooed skin tells the stories of your life. 

In keeping with this truth, those who elect to get a tattoo make a significant, lifelong investment. Tattoos turn the human body into a storyboard of sorts – a collection of visual aids by which to express something meaningful, something significant, something wholly unique to the individual. 

And by choosing your skin as a storytelling mechanism, you take on the responsibility of that decision -- the onus of tending to your investment. 

Inked Ritual's founder found himself endlessly frustrated when he watched his tattoos predictably and mercilessly faded with time. By the time he’d gotten his tenth tattoo, his first tattoos were already losing their former beauty. 

Exasperated and determined to restore his existing tattoos and protect the ones he planned to get in the future, he became obsessed with finding an effective solution. After extensive and tedious research on all the tattoo care products available, it became abundantly clear that the product Mike was looking for simply did not yet exist; it would have to be created. 

Mike has extensive experience in the development of advanced skincare products. Combing all of his knowledge with a relentless drive for perfection, He created a powerful tattoo care product that encourages skin health at the cellular level. The result, Inked Ritual Tattoo Care. 

After an extensive 18 months or research and development, Inked Ritual Tattoo Care Anti-Fade Serum was created. Mike is now confident that his tattoo investment with withstand the effects of aging, and he will have bold vibrant tattoos for life!