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7 Ways to Prepare Your Skin Before Your Next Tattoo

7 Ways to Prepare Your Skin Before Your Next Tattoo

Healthy skin goes a long way when getting a new tattoo. Not only does it help the artist laying down the ink, but it also helps with tattoo post-recovery. And there are 7 tips that we would like to share so that you are prepared and confident that your skin canvas is ready for some new ink. 


7 Essential Skin Preparation Tips Before Your Next Tattoo

1.   Regular Exfoliation: Your Pathway to Radiant Skin

2.   Deep Skin Nourishment

3.   Keep Your Skin Moisturized

4.   Preparing Your Skin: Pre-Tattoo Shaving

5.   The Power of Hydration for Tattoo Readiness

6.   Good Nutrition: Feed Your Skin Right

7.   Sun Protection: Shielding Your Skin & Tattoos

Tattoo skin exfoliation loofa pads

1. Regular Exfoliation: Your Pathway to Radiant Skin

Getting the best out of your tattoo starts with prepping the canvas - your skin. 

  • Why Exfoliate? Exfoliation sweeps dead skin cells from the epidermis, rejuvenating your skin's surface. 

  • Tools to Consider: Enhance your shower routine using a loofah, brush, or exfoliating glove to ensure a thorough scrub.

  • Boosted Circulation: Not just for the skin's surface, exfoliation also stimulates better blood flow, promoting overall skin health.

  • Maximize Absorption: Smoother, exfoliated skin significantly improves the absorption of Inked Ritual Tattoo Care Serum.

Remember, a well-prepped skin surface ensures your tattoo ink settles in perfectly, giving it that vibrant and lasting look.
Inked Ritual Tattoo Enhancing Serum on Leg Tattoo

2. Deep Skin Nourishment: for Vibrant Tattoos

Before inking, ensure your skin is not just a canvas but a well-nourished one. 

  • Combat Fading: Inked Ritual does more than nourish; it fights against tattoo fading, prepping your skin for new artwork.

  • Intensive Hydration from WithinInked Ritual's serum delves deep, reaching the skin's dermis to refresh and moisturize with its potent active ingredients.

A canvas that's cared for brings out the art's best. Make sure yours is primed for perfection. 

Inked Ritual Tattoo Care Applied to Black Forearm Tattoo

3. Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Understanding the Science of Superior Tattoo Aftercare: Inked Ritual Tattoo Aftercare Vs. Conventional Moisturizers 

In the realm of tattoo aftercare, products vary widely in their effectiveness. Let me highlight the key differences between your average tattoo moisturizer and the superior performance of Inked Ritual Tattoo Care. 

Why Inked Ritual Stands Out:  

  • Not Just Surface-Level: Unlike many generic tattoo moisturizers, Inked Ritual goes beyond being a mere surface-level solution.

  • Sophisticated Formulation: It's more than just a moisturizer; Inked Ritual is a sophisticated hydrating serum.

  • Beyond Ordinary Consistency: While typical moisturizers have a thick consistency that sits on the skin's surface, creating only a barrier, Inked Ritual functions differently.

  • Deep Penetration: Its scientifically formulated composition is uniquely crafted to pull moisture deep into your skin's layers.

  • Hydration from Within: Ensures intrinsic hydration, going beyond surface-level moisturizing.

  • Distinct Advantages: This deep moisturizing process differentiates Inked Ritual, giving your tattoo the protection, longevity, and vibrancy it deserves. 

  • Flexibility in the Regimen: You can take an adaptable approach with Inked Ritual for dehydrated skin.

  • Optimizing Benefits with Layering: You can enhance the advantages of Inked Ritual by applying it in tandem with your preferred moisturizer balm, butter, cream, lotion, or tattoo oil.

  • Amplification of Hydration and Effectiveness: This method not only intensifies hydration but also ensures the potent active ingredients of Inked Ritual are sealed in, heightening its efficacy.

  • Necessary Caution for Tattoo Day: It's crucial to remember that on the day of your tattoo session, it's best to avoid all moisturizers. These products leave a residual film, obstructing the tattooing process and potentially undermining the artist's work. 

For those genuinely committed to their tattoos' lifespan, appearance, and well-being, choosing just any moisturizer—especially ones with mineral oil or petrolatum—would be a misstep. Opt for Inked Ritual, where advanced science meets superior tattoo aftercare, ensuring your tattoo gets the respect it deserves.

Tattoo Artist Prepping To Shave Skin For New Tattoo

4. Preparing Your Skin: A Guide to Pre-Tattoo Shaving. 

The moment before getting a new tattoo is filled with anticipation, and just as the design matters, so does the canvas - your skin. Proper preparation can significantly influence how your tattoo turns out and heals. Let's delve into the nuances of pre-tattoo shaving. 

The Importance of Shaving:  

  • Beyond Aesthetics: It's not just about making the skin look smooth. Effective pre-tattoo shaving strengthens skin resilience, setting the stage for impeccable tattoo results.

  • Shaving Frequency: For optimal results, consider shaving the intended tattoo spot 2-3 times a week. If you're a newbie to shaving that area, proceed gently to minimize risks of cuts or irritations.

Benefits of Regular Shaving:

  • A Smooth Canvas: Routine shaving offers the tattoo artist a smoother working surface.
  • Boosting Healing: Accustoming the skin to regular shaving aids in quicker post-tattoo recovery, enhancing overall healing.


Observing Skin Reactions: 

  • Monitor & Adapt: Always be attentive to how your skin responds post-shaving. Intense irritation? Holding off on the shave right before the tattoo session might be best. And if you experience skin irritation, inflamed skin, whether from shaving or other irritants, can be bothersome.
  • We suggest using Inked Ritual because it is not just for post-tattoo care but also for calming skin. Regular use helps combat inflammation and keeps your skin healthy. Think of it as your all-around skin relief.

  • Trust Your Artist: If in doubt, skip the shave on the day of your tattoo appointment. Your artist will be equipped to prep the area, ensuring it's pristine for inking.

As you gear up for your tattoo session, prioritize preparing your skin as meticulously as you would choose the design. A well-prepped canvas can make all the difference, ensuring your new tattoo looks fabulous and heals beautifully. Remember, the goal is to have your skin in the best condition possible so your new tattoo looks and feels great! 

Tattooed Man Drinking Bottled Water For Hydration

5. The Power of Hydration for Tattoo Readiness

We all know water is a cornerstone of our health, but did you realize it's also a game-changer for your skin and tattoos? Here's the deal: 

  • The Basics of Hydration: Our bodies are roughly 60% water. Yet, shockingly, over 70% of us need to hydrate more regularly. This isn't just about quenching thirst - it's about keeping our skin radiant and tattoos vibrant.
  • Tattoo Longevity and Skin Health: When we're dehydrated, our skin ages faster, and those beautiful tattoos we invest in? They fade quicker than we'd like.

  • Your Hydration Game Plan: As you gear up for your next ink session, make it a goal to drink at least eight 16 - 36 oz glasses of water daily. While you're at it, consider limiting caffeine and alcohol. Both are known culprits in robbing our skin of essential moisture.

  • Boosting External Hydration: Apart from internal hydration, external care is crucial. Products like Inked Ritual, which boasts hyaluronic acid, also help keep your skin hydrated and prepped for your new ink. Inked Ritual does more than hydrate; it pulls moisture deep into the skin, setting the stage for a successful tattoo session.

After sketching plans for your next masterpiece, remember to prep your canvas - your skin - by keeping it hydrated and nourished. Your future self and your tattoo will thank you!


6. Good Nutrition: Feed Your Skin Right

Ever heard the phrase, "You are what you eat"? There's a lot of truth in those words, especially when it comes to prepping for a tattoo. Your skin renews itself roughly every 28 days, and what you feed your body directly impacts the health of your skin.

As you count down to your tattoo session, consider embracing a clean-eating approach for at least 3-4 weeks. This sets the stage for radiant skin and strengthens your body's resilience. Here's what to keep in mind:

  • Clean Eating Essentials: Bid goodbye to sugars, processed foods, and the allure of fast food. Reducing salt is also intelligent, as it's a sneaky contributor to dehydration. 

  • Why It Matters: Proper nutrition isn't just about looking good; it's fundamental for your immune system. When you get tattooed, it's more than just an artistic statement—it's a minor trauma that puts your immune system on alert. Feed it well, and it'll serve you well.. This puts your immune system on alert. Feed it well, and it'll serve you well. If you skimp on nutrition, your skin's health and tattoo post-recovery could suffer. 

  • Post-Tattoo Nutrition: Don't stop once the ink has settled. To support optimal recovery, continue embracing wholesome foods for at least another four weeks post-tattoo. 

  • Boosting Immunity: Ready for a Pro Tip? Enhance your body's defenses by upping your intake of Vitamins A, B, C, E, and D, along with magnesium and zinc. These nutrients are champions in the immune-boosting league.

As you prepare for your tattoo session, remember that nourishing from within is as vital as external preparations. Treat your body right, and it'll reward you with a tattoo that heals beautifully and lasts.

Tattooed Girl Sitting on Stairs In Sunshine

7. Sun Protection: Shielding Your Skin & Tattoos

Sun protection is more than just a summer chore; it's a year-round commitment, especially for tattoo enthusiasts.
  • Guard Your Tattoos: Whether through clothing or sunscreen with SPF 30+, shielding your tattoos from the sun is crucial. Blocking the sun's rays not only maintains the vibrancy of your ink but also ensures the longevity of your tattoo's appearance. 
  • Why It Matters: The sun has a knack for drying out and damaging your skin, which can speed up tattoo fading. If you're gearing up for a new tattoo, you want to avoid sunburn being part of the mix. It complicates the inking process and can affect the final result.
  • Post-Sun Care: Had a sun-soaked day? Remember to give your skin a hydrating treat with Inked Ritual. It replenishes moisture and provides much-needed nourishment after exposure to harsh UV rays.
Your skin and tattoos deserve the best defense against the sun. By taking these steps, you ensure both stay looking their best for longer.
Preparing for a tattoo? Dive into these 7 essential skin prep tips, whether it's your first ink or another addition. Prime skin ensures your tattoos stay bold and vibrant. Invest in your art's longevity; act now for the best tattoo outcome!