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July 17, 2020 7 min read

Never rush in!  Your tattoo is a lifelong investment.

We can all agree that getting a new tattoo is exciting! Even if it's your first tattoo or 21st tattoo, never rush in. Trust me, I have and wished I had not.

Consider the following before getting tattooed before you rush in.



Having a personal connection with your tattoo design should take precedence. Choose a design and style you Love! What may seem like a cool tattoo design now, may not feel or look so cool years later. And always take a long hard look to the future before tattooing any one's name on your body. Unless it's family which may be ok.

Before visiting the tattoo shop or artist, always research your design ideas ahead of time. You want to make sure that you can provide your tattoo artist with as much design reference as necessary. This will give them what they need to create your custom tattoo.



Be confident where you want your new tattoo placement on your body. Think ahead, never rush in. Visibility could be an issue. Ask yourself, what you may be doing in 5-10 years for employment? Unfortunately, tattoo stigma is still relevant today as it was years ago. Anywhere that you can cover-up should be fine.

On the day of getting inked, take time to approve its placement before the needle hits the skin. After your tattoo stencil is on your skin, look in the mirror. Is it straight? Should it be higher or lower? Is it too big or too small for the area? If you're not happy, make sure to speak up.

As your artist resets the tattoo stencils placement, do not settle until you are 100% confident in how it will look. Remember it's your body, you make the final approval decision.

Also, consider the pain factor. Some areas on your body will be more painful than other areas. For folks, this may be a detriment on where they decide to get their tattoo. 



Finding the right tattoo shop and artist will take time, never rush in.

When choosing a shop, consider their online reviews, or checking their social media is always a great way to start your investigating. And if there's anyone you know that has tattoos you admire; get their feedback on the tattoo shop or artist they chose to ink their skin.

After choosing a shop and artist, always confirm their policies, including bookings, deposits, and cancellations.

And never ever choose a shop or artist based on the price of the ink. Remember "you always get what you pay for"!

Last but not least, make sure their shop looks clean and spotless. Tattoo shops should look and be as sterile as a hospital. Especially with Covid-19, you want to ensure your health and safety.



If you don't have an artist, do your homework. You can do this from home by reviewing their social medial accounts. There should be plenty of posts showing off their artistic skills.

It's also important that you find an artist who gets your style and wants to work with you. And an artist that does work that matches the style or tattoo idea you are looking for. Every tattoo artist will interpret your design idea in a different way. And some artists have a particular style that they prefer to do.

After you find a shop and artist, next would be to schedule a consultation to meet them. Now, remember, they are tattooing you, so treat it like an interview.

Questions to ask your self during the tattoo consultation:

  • Is the artist polite, personable, and professional?
  • Are they excited to work with you in doing your tattoo? Or does it seem like they have little interest and enthusiasm?
  • Do they want to work with your design idea, or pushing you to create something different? A good tattoo artist will not rush you into choosing a design that you're not 100% comfortable. Before the tattoo design is finalized, make sure that you are happy and it's exactly what you want. Never settle, just for the sake of getting it done. Remember, speak up, it's your body and they are working for you.
  • Are you comfortable in the shop, and with the tattoo artist? Do you feel rushed or pressured? If so, that could be a good sign to reschedule or find someone or somewhere else to get inked.
  • How soon are they scheduling and booking appointments? You may find the perfect tattoo artist but be ready that in-demand tattoo artists can be booked solid up for many months.



When planning to get a tattoo, you also want to consider the timing or scheduling. Post-recovery aftercare is very important for the longevity of how your tattoo will look. As per the above, the scheduled appointments available may not work best for you.

Consider the following points for timing when to get inked:

  • Tattoo placement. What does this have to do with timing you ask? Everything to do with post-tattoo recovery. Your work and personal schedules can be a factor that can hinder proper recovery. Will your new tattoo be exposed to the excessive sun during work or travel? Or unclean conditions in the workplace? Or would your tattoo need to be hidden for employment reasons?
  • Will your new ink be on an area of your body like your back or chest, that you need to be uncovered for healing? One way around this would be if you applied an adhesive medial wrap like Saniderm.
  • Do you have a job that requires excessive physical labor? And or can you miss going to the gym for a week or two depending on the tattoo placement?
  • Are you feeling ill or have recently recovered from an illness? A fresh tattoo is an open wound, which places your immune system into overdrive. If you're recovering from any illness, reschedule until your immune system if 100%. The same if you're feeling under the weather even with a simple cold, before your appointment. Reschedule until you are fully recovered.

Never rush in because it's the only time you can schedule an appointment with your artist of choice. Your tattoo will thank you after it's healed.



Before your tattoo session, do your homework, on the best tattoo after-care procedures. Good artists and shops should give you some instructions. But too many times I've seen them leave their clients guessing as to the best steps. Do they just assume their client knows right from wrong? Not sure, as I'm still trying to figure this out.

There are a couple of hundred different tattoo care companies. So great, some good and some not so good. Stay away from anything that has petrolatum. I discuss this in another blog "6 Things to never use on your tattoos".

Choosing a high-quality aftercare product can make the world of a difference on how your tattoo recovers. Always read the reviews.

Here's a couple of my favorite tattoo aftercare products that you can order online. Make sure you have them ready for when you come home after your appointment:

Now I'm going to also throw in Inked Ritual Tattoo Care. Although Inked Ritual is not a post tattoo recovery product, there is a great time to start using it on new ink.

For the first 10-14 days, use a post-tattoo recovery ointment like the ones listed above. After the 10-14 days, you can switch over to Inked Ritual's Anti-Fade Tattoo Serum. Inked Ritual reduces inflammation, itchiness, and is not greasy or oily. For the next couple of weeks, apply Inked Ritual as often as needed, usually 3-4 times a day for the next couple weeks. If you feel like you need more moisturizing, you can apply your aftercare ointment over top of Inked Ritual. This layering technique will help lock in Inked Ritual potent anti-fading ingredients.

After your tattoo has healed, apply Inked Ritual daily to keep your ink bold and vibrant.



Last but not least, start a pre tattoo skin preparation plan. This may be new for many people to consider. But the healthier your skin is before getting inked, can make the world of a difference in tattoo procedure and post-tattoo recovery. Healthy skin = bold vibrant tattoos.

  • The last thing you want to get a new tattoo on dry dehydrated and unhealthy skin.
  • So here are a few simple tips on how to get your skin healthy, strong, and ready for that new tattoo.
  • Try to start at least 2-6 week the following at least 2-6 weeks before your tattoo session:
  • Stay well hydrated. Drink a least 8 glasses of water daily.
  • Cut back on all sugars and junk food. These wreak havoc on your immune system, which also takes a toll on your skin.
  • The same for alcohol. Reduce your alcohol consumption. Not only does alcohol run down your immunity, but it also prematurely ages and dehydrates your skin.
  • Increase your good foods like fruits, vegetables, and proteins.
  • Increase the following daily vitamins to boost your immune system and speed recovery:

Vitamin-C, 2-10 g

Vitamin-A, 1000 iu

Vitamin-E, 1200-1600 iu

Vitamin-D, 2000-5000 iu

Zinc, 25-50 mg



If you have Inked Ritual Tattoo Care, apply it 1-2 times daily where your new tattoo is going. Inked Ritual's peptides, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, phytonutrients, and phospholipids, nourish, and rejuvenate your skin.


So before getting inked, follow the above points and never rush in. The results of your finished tattoo and experience may not be what you wanted or expected.

For me, it took getting tattooed6 times before I was wise enough to follow these rules. Now at 25 tattoos and counting, I'm super confident in how all my new ink looks and has recovered.

And on that note, time for me to work on my next tattoo design idea!


Mike - Founder

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