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"All you need is Moisturizer and a good sunscreen. You can't stop skin cells from regenerating and dying".


The above uneducated statement is a Facebook comment regarding Inked Ritual Anti-Fade Tattoo Serum. This individual believes that using a skin moisturizer and sunscreen are all you need to stop tattoo fading -- which could be further from the truth.  

We've seen similar comments a few times from others on social media that do not have all the facts related to skincare products. And worse is that they actually believe that the only thing they need to use on their tattoos is a sunscreen or a moisturizer to stop tattoo fading.

Unfortunately, they're misinformed. Several years from now, their faded tattoos will be a reflection of this incorrect information. 

Since there appears to be some confusion regarding the purpose and function of Inked Ritual compared to moisturizers and sunscreens, we decided to share with you, our response to this person's comment.    

"All you need is a moisturizer and a good sunscreen. You can't stop skin cells from regenerating and dying". - THIS IS FALSE

This is a long message but very informative if anyone wants to learn more about aging skin and tattoo fading. Moisturizers and sunscreens have a very different purpose and function than Inked Ritual Anti-Fade Tattoo Serum. One does not replace the other.  

Yes the body regenerates it's outer skin layer (epidermis) approximately every 27-40 days. This is the same as exfoliating.  

Tattoo fading is not a result of the epidermis outer skin cells' regular regeneration. Faded tattoos are caused by the breakdown of collagen and elastin within the skin's second layer - dermis. The breakdown and loss of collagen is what leads to loose wrinkled skin. 

Moisturizers have a very limited ability to slow skin aging. The ingredients in moisturizers are thick and designed to sit on the skin's outer surface (epidermis) where they seal and lock in the body's natural moisture. This will help keep your skin soft, but it does not help below the surface where the collagen is breaking down.

Sunscreens products are also thick and designed to sit on and seal the outer surface layer of skin (epidermis) to form a protective barrier.

This protective barrier blocks the damaging UVA/UVB sun rays. Exposure to the sun's UVB rays causes accelerated skin aging as the UVB rays penetrate deep into the dermis, breaking down collagen and elastin. Result - accelerated tattoo fading.  

Now, this is where Inked Ritual Tattoo Care Anti-Fade Serum takes over. Inked Ritual is a lightweight serum that deeply penetrates through the epidermis and into the dermis.

Inked Ritual trans-dermal technology accelerates skin penetration by transporting Inked Ritual's potent anti-aging ingredients deep into the skin, where it's needed to stop tattoo fading.  

Inked Ritual's 7 anti-aging peptides, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, phospholipids, and phytonutrients repair and rejuvenate the skin. They work together to restore the balance of collagen and elastin, where your tattoo ink sits. Inked Ritual contains hyaluronic acid that works to keep your skin hydrated by pulling in moisture. Whereas moisturizers simply lock in your skin's natural moisture.

It's common knowledge that staying fit by working out and eating healthy keeps the body youthful from the inside out. Well Inked Ritual does the same from the outside in, to keep your skin healthy and youthful, and your tattoos looking bold and vibrant.  

So in summary, Inked Ritual  has a very different purpose and function than moisturizers and sunscreen products. One does not replace the other.

All three work to do different things for your skin and they can all be used together for the ultimate anti-aging tattoo protection.  

Here are three steps for adding extra tattoo protection to keep your in bold and vibrant:

1. Apply Inked Ritual first.

2. Apply your moisturizers to lock in Inked Ritual's active ingredients.

3. Apply your sunscreen if you are going outside with exposed tattooed skin.



INKED RITUAL Tattoo Care Serum


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