February 09, 2020 2 min read

Aquaphor and Inked Ritual Tattoo Careare two completely different products. They both have a different purpose and function for skincare. Aquaphor is a healing 'ointment' used for treating diaper rash, chapped lips, dry skin, etc.

Tattoos are open wounds, and people use Aquaphor on their fresh ink for healing. If you do, then you may want to consider the following.

Aquaphor contains Petrolatum (petroleum) and Mineral oil a liquid form of petroleum jelly. These waste by-products come from the petroleum oil distillation process to produce gasoline.

Aquaphor seals and suffocates the skin's surface. By blocking the natural respiration, it stops moisture from leaving the skin. This is not good for an open wound, or a new tattoo.

Sealing and suffocating the skin can cause premature skin aging and tattoo fading. Your fresh tattooed skin needs to breathe.

Aquaphor also contains Lanolin Alcohol, which is an oily material from sheep’s wool. Lanolin Alcohol can cause contact dermatitis rash or other skin reactions. Even worse... some people have noticed their skin appears lighter from lanolin alcohol use.


INKED RITUAL Tattoo Care | Anti-Fade Serum

Inked Ritual is an anti-fading serum that protects and stops your tattoos from fading. Tattoos fade from getting older and aging skin.

This intensive skin rejuvenating serum nourishes your skin deep below the surface. Healthy youthful skin = bold vibrant tattoos for life.

Inked Ritual uses the most advanced anti-aging skin technology and ingredients. Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Dragon Fruit, Plant Stem Cells, Antioxidants, Vitamins, and Phospholipids.

It will not seal your skin and does not contain toxic petrolatum, mineral oils, or lanolin. Inked Ritual is vegan-friendly.

Inked Ritual is your tattoos first line of defense. You will see the boldness and vibrancy of your tattoos change after using it.



Inked Ritual was not developed for tattoo recovery, and we do not promote it for tattoo healing. But...many customers have used Inked Ritual on their fresh ink, and love the results. 


Customer feedback is that it reduced inflammation, swelling, irritation, and stopped itching. There was no skin peeling and recovery time was faster with their tattoos looking dark after healing.


We always suggest testing Inked Ritual or any skincare product, on fresh tattoos. Everyone's skin is different.


INKED RITUAL- Superior protection for the life of your ink!