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7 Fatal Mistakes: Sabotaging Your New Tattoo Without Even Knowing!

A fresh tattoo is like an actual piece of art on your skin. Moreover, it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to fully heal. But did you realize that there are 7 fatal mistakes that can ruin your new tattoo before it has even healed? In this in-depth guide on how to avoid tattoo ruin, you will learn about these seven mistakes and how to avoid them. Let's dive in!

1. Bad Art from a Bad Artist

Can you make the mistake of choosing a bad artist for your new tattoo? Absolutely! The artist's skills go beyond just their artistic prowess - it extends to their tattooing procedure and application as well.

When speaking about skills, I'm not referring to their artistic talents. This would be about the artists' tattooing procedure and application skills. Everyone's skin is different skin. Healthy, unhealthy, plump, loose, tight, oily, or dry. Our skin's surface, thickness, and tightness also differ throughout different areas of skin on our bodies. These differences can have a detrimental impact on how the ink lays into your skin.

An inexperienced artist can further implicate this. Finding and choosing an experienced artist goes without question. So remember, always choose a professional artist to avoid this detrimental impact on your skin.

2. Keeping Your Fresh Tattoo Covered for Too Long

Did you know that fresh tattoos are essentially open wounds? For this reason, when your tattoo session is done, they usually apply a sterile bandage for the initial tattoo aftercare healing phase and your trip home from the tattoo studio. But do you also know overwrapping a fresh tattoo (skin wound) will cause more harm than good? That's right! Blood and plasma accumulation can block your skin pores during the initial wound healing stages, thus damaging and ruining your new tattoo.

Wrapping a fresh tattoo is essential to help the initial healing while providing protection from environmental contaminants like dirt, germs, or anything else that should not go near an open wound.

Now understand that every artist may prefer what they will use to cover up your new ink. Some still use old-school plastic cellophane Saran Wrap. Why? Because it's cheap, they still need to adapt to more recent and advanced medical-grade bandage options. How about saving a few pennies?

Be warned that using food cellophane wrap on the skin suffocates your fresh tattoo, thus impeding healing. The result? Ending up with a damaged or sub-par-looking mess on your skin.  

By now, most modern tattoo artists have advanced in their knowledge and are following the best aftercare practices by using proper sterile tattoo bandages on their clients' fresh tattoos. Some great options are medical-grade adhesive bandages and protective tattoo films like Saniderm or Dermalize.

Understand and be aware that even when using the best medical-grade adhesive bandages and protective tattoo films, there is still a potential risk of damaging your ink. 

Once home after your tattoo session, and the wrap has been on for a few hours, your blood and plasma will begin to appear underneath the bandage. This is a normal part of the tattoo healing process. At this stage, it's soon time to get that bandage off and let your skin breathe. Leaving any tattoo wrap or bandage on the skin for too long can ruin your new tattoo before the first day is over. 

The tattoo bandage or wrap should stay on at most 6-8 hours max. If using products like Saniderm or Dermalize, you can always remove it, clean the tattoo, and apply a new layer. This option would be in situations where you need an extra layer of protection on the tattoo if you risk it being exposed to any contaminants, like while at work or other times when you could be exposed to environmental contamination while outside the confines of your home where you can be better prepared to protect your tattoo during the healing stages. 

And we know from personal experience that leaving any tattoo covered for longer than it should be (both with plastic wrap and medical grade bandages), as per our tattoo artists' explicit instructions, we have regrettably ruined a few of our tattoos. Our advanced background in skincare was a driving force in our development of the best tattoo aftercare products. 

Sadly, some customers have contacted us in a panic, seeking guidance and advice on what to do after sharing their horror stories of having a damaged tattoo. Aside from a tattoo coverup or laser tattoo removal for an ugly mess of ink on their skin, you cannot do much once the tattoo has been damaged. So, hopefully, this advice will serve you well before getting your new ink. 

Now, do not be in a panic, but if your tattoo artist's only option to bandage your fresh tattoo is plastic cellophane plastic wrap, make sure that as soon as you get home, you take it off and follow proper post-tattoo aftercare procedures by cleaning, drying, and applying the best tattoo aftercare product. Choose a product with healing and soothing ingredients to reduce irritation and itchiness, accelerating the healing process. Selecting a proper tattoo aftercare product will go a long way in having a tattoo that heals perfectly. 

So remember, leave the initial tattoo wrap or bandage on for at most 6-8 hours!

3. Tattoo Infections

During the healing phase, keeping your tattoo clean is key. Avoid touching your fresh tattoo unless you are cleaning it or applying aftercare. Be mindful of transfers of dirt and germs from dirty hands. Clean surroundings are your weapon against tattoo infections.

4. Sleeping with a Fresh Tattoo

Sleeping might feel strange when healing a new tattoo, isn’t it? Try not to lay on your tattoo or have it covered under the sheets, it could pick up dirt and germs. If necessary, place a clean towel over it and apply a breathable medical wrap like Saniderm when sleeping.

5. Cleaning and Excessive Water Exposure

Who would have thought that cleaning the tattoo could also sabotage healing? Avoid submerging your fresh tattoo underwater or apply excessive water while showering. Our skin could absorb the water and damage the tattoo.

6. Picking or Scratching Itchy or Peeling Skin

Itchy and scabby skin can be annoying during the healing stages. But remember, don't pick or scratch it! This can potentially damage the color and lines of your new tattoo. To ease the itchy skin, always apply a good aftercare product.

7. Excessive Sun Exposure

Excessive sun exposure can quickly ruin a new tattoo. Especially during the first 40 days, stay out of the sun as much as possible. If you have to go outside, then make sure to cover up your fresh tattoo with clothing.


Besides the aforementioned tips, there are also ways to slow down your aging skin that causes tattoo fading. Good hydration, clean diet, regular exercise, and reducing stress can go a long way!

Wrapping Up

A lot goes into maintaining a new tattoo. But once you're aware of the 7 fatal mistakes and how to avoid them, you can ensure your new tattoo heals correctly and looks fabulous!


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